Last Day of Break

I have to go back to school tomorrow and I am not happy about that. I’m really going to miss getting to sleep in even though my little brother really enjoys romping around and shouting every morning, but I’m still sleeping later than I usually do. I’m going to miss getting to lounge around all day and watch movies with my boyfriend. But, it will be nice to get to get back into my routine and exercise more than I have this break, which hasn’t been much. But it also means going back to a school that barely knows how to function; where my wonderful lit teacher is going to be blamed for his entire class failing when it was the administration that cut the instruction time in half and changed the grading system which makes it nearly impossible to pass (100% on 8 essays a semester to pass and there is no in-between? Not happening). It means going back to yearbook which I love but deadlines can be stressful. It means going back to AP Art when I feel like I have no photography skills whatsoever and I wonder what I’m even doing in that class. But I have something like 102 days of school left and I cannot wait to get out! There are 3 weeks left in the semester and second semester is going to fly by.

So, I’m spending my last day off lounging (even though I really, really want to exercise) and watching the Pretty Little Liars marathon and then the winter premiere tonight! My boyfriend gave me the entire 1st season for Christmas and it is probably my favorite gift. I love that show. I didn’t read the books and I don’t think I’ll ever have time to. They’re different from the show, anyway. 

Getting up tomorrow is going to be ridiculous. I’m probably going to fall asleep in my TA period and stare blankly at the screen in art even though I took a fair amount of pictures this break to work on. Oh well. It was a good break. Last winter break of my high school career.


How was your break?

Any PLL fans out there?


8 thoughts on “Last Day of Break

  1. fivereflections says:


    i enjoy reading your posts, and i hope you find new inspirations in your remaining school days – maybe a light will snap on in your mind during photography class and you discover a new beauty, while trying to capture light and shadows dancing on objects in front of your eyes, or maybe the way colors look, seen at different times of the day, or how diffused light softens your portrait and you see a new beauty in your own face you never noticed before.

    whatever: imagine the possibilities in learning something new…

    Happy New Year – it is going to a year full of adventure and life long memories i’m sure….

  2. Break was FAB! I had such a great time being with my family and not chained to my computer, doing online college. I also got to do lots of Christmassy things, like playing carols on my violin, baking and eating goodies, decorating the house, and playing games. I also watched fave Christmas specials, as well as old TV shows (Brady Bunch, Rifleman, and Andy Griffith).
    Have you seen the Brady Bunch?

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