Going to Minneapolis!

This is my last day home until Sunday afternoon and I have mixed feelings about that. I leave tomorrow for Minneapolis for the annual NSPA/JEA National High School Journalism Conference and Convention. I am excited to go on this trip because I get to take lots of cool journalism and yearbook related classes, I get to be away from my family for 5 days and make my own decisions, and I get to go to the Mall of America. But I also really don’t want to go. I have to sit and take classes all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and no matter how interesting they are there is a 2 hour time difference and I am going to be sleepy. I’m missing 3 days of school and have TONS of work to do. I admit that when I agreed to go on this trip back in September I didn’t think I’d be behind. I’m never behind in my classes. Well, in yearbook I’ve got proofs to do and those are a pain because about half the class don’t only not know how to write but also what a pica is (I’m sure you don’t either but you’re not in yearbook so it’s ok) and how to crop pictures. It’s all very time consuming. Plus I’m missing 1 1/2 days of my AP Lit class where I already have reduced learning time. It’s a pain. Plus I don’t get to see my boyfriend this weekend. Not that I really want him driving over a snowy “pass”. It may not be a real pass but those are real Washington Oh-my-god-snow-we’re-all-going-to-die drivers on the road. I don’t trust them. I have major trust issues. It’s sad.

But since the trip is non-refundable and I’ve already told all of my teachers I guess I’m going. I’m getting up at 4 am tomorrow because I have to be at the airport at 5:15 to make a 7:10 flight. Oh the joys of flying. If you know me I absolutely detest flying which is funny because my mom works for an airline company and we used to fly almost every month (to Helena, Montana to visit my grandparents, but it’s still flying). I think the parts I hate the most are going through security, sitting before takeoff (because if the flight is delayed or cancelled I have a panic attack), takeoff, and landing. All those parts in the middle are fine but up until then I don’t know what to do with myself and I am a mess. It’s a problem. It’s one of the many problems I am plagued with.

I am not packed yet. I still have to write for NaNoWriMo, Skype with the boyfriend, exercise since I won’t for 5 days, shower, and then I’ll pack. But I do have food all ready for the trip!

Yeah, my plan is to just live off of these three boxes of Larabars while I’m on the trip. And countless bottles of water. Probably not the healthiest idea and I probably will eat something other than just those since we get free breakfast at the hotel, but this is my way of making up for 5 days of no exercise. Yeah, I have a problem. We already knew this. I’m working on it. I just don’t want to think about food at all on the trip and I don’t want to sit in classes hating myself because I’m sitting there instead of running. This way I’ll be at “peace” with myself. Plus Thanksgiving is the week I come back and I just don’t want to deal with it. As I’ve said before I’m not in a good place right now and I also don’t have time to get myself into a good place so I just have to do my best and deal with it until Spring when the book is in and my AP stuff is done.

I’ll be taking my laptop with me because my lit teacher won’t give me the essay topic until he assigns it sometime this week, probably Friday, and told me to keep in touch and that we would figure something out about getting the essay turned in and such. I don’t want to take my laptop but I’ll deal with it. This way I can still read blogs and Skype with my boyfriend if I have spare time. At least email. I won’t be posting any pictures until I get back because I’m not taking my camera cords with me but I’ll post what I take on Sunday or Monday.

So hopefully I have fun. I think I will I just have this weird anxiety/regret thing I get whenever I’m about to do something out of the ordinary. Even something as simple of doing laundry on a different day or hanging out with friends I don’t normally hang out with. I’m a strange person…


Do you like Larabars? Could you live off of them for 5 days? We’ll see if I can!

Ever been to Minneapolis?


3 thoughts on “Going to Minneapolis!

  1. Please just have let go and have fun – I rarely exercise, but you’ll probably walk around a bit and does that something. Besides, life is for living, not exercising and obsessing about exercising! I know, ‘easier said than done,’ but good luck – and good luck with NaNo!

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