Fun Stuff Friday: Food and Stuff

Happy Friday everyone! I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday and then got really excited when I remembered that it’s Friday! I had a four-day weekend this week for something called “Student-Led Conferences” which counts as school days but you only have to go for your conference which take about 10 minutes if you’re me. How am I doing in school? I have no idea. I think pretty well but the district put in a bunch of new crap this year so the gradebook doesn’t work. My teachers like to complain to me about their problems which is nice because I don’t like their problems either. Apparently a lot of teachers will put grades in and then watch them disappear. And there are no A’s and B’s (well, there are but it’s very confusing so just pretend there aren’t), but “yes”s and “no”s. It’s kind of like pass/fail. I hate my school. I’m so excited to graduate. But anyway, I had yesterday off and today and it’s been a nice long weekend. Except for the part where I tried to sell ads. I know it’s a bad economy, but seriously, buying an ad could help your business! I went to a few places yesterday and eventually walked back to my car ranting to myself about how much I hate selling ads and that I give up. But I can’t give up because that’s not the kind of person I am so I’m going to try again… sometime.

In the mean time here are some yummy foods I’ve been eating. Not too many because most of my meals are kind of lame. Oh, and a picture of my cat!

Pumpkin cheesecake from Olive Garden. Best thing ever. My boyfriend and I had it last Sunday before he left to go back to college. I am going to make pumpkin butter this year. Pumpkin is just amazing.

My mom made her mom’s recipe for tomato soup for lunch yesterday and we threw a handful of gold fish crackers into it. She said it made her feel like a kid. It was so good. How can you hate soup? Especially in the fall?

Stephen Colbert’s ice cream. It was delicious. Seriously, go get it. I got that mini cup thing with the tiny spoon in the lid and I totally used that tiny spoon. It makes it feel like a larger serving.

Sweetie is having her midlife crisis. She is 9 years old, fat and now enjoys sleeping on paper, attacking you for no reason without warning instead of with warning when she was younger and glaring at you when you take pictures of her instead of sniffing the camera. However, she was being especially adorable yesterday morning and then prompted to attack me in the evening while I tried to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. She also hates whistling. If I whistle and she’s sleeping on the couch she will get up and come attack me.

What is everyone doing for Halloween? I’m going to school and working on the yearbook after feeling like an idiot in AP Lit when I get my essay back and then getting frustrated in AP Art when my pictures won’t turn out the way I want them to. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? I’m going to see Rum Diary this weekend mainly because it has Johnny Depp in it. And I am doing a little better in case any of you were wondering. My life has been kind of absorbed by Yearbook and AP classes and in just a few days I’ll add NaNoWriMo to that list. I’m so excited! I hope I can get all the way through it! I’m thinking 2,000 words a day because I have a Yearbook trip in like 2-3 weeks for 5 days so that’s like 5 days of no writing. Weekends might be like 3,000 if I can. That’s a lot of writing. Ack! But with all of this stuff I can’t really pay attention to my weight even though I will admit I do weight myself pretty often. It also means I’m unintentionally eating less. I just don’t have the time. I try to pack a ton of snack foods in my bag that I can just eat while working on layouts but I don’t think I’ve had like an actual meal during school days at all this week. I did yesterday because of no school which meant staying with my mom all day, but otherwise no.


What is your favorite form of pumpkin? Pumpkin pie is good, but nothing beats pumpkin cheesecake.

What are you doing for Halloween?


4 thoughts on “Fun Stuff Friday: Food and Stuff

  1. sorry that the quest for adds hasn’t been so good 😦 but just think…one more year! and you’re right…how can you hate soup? it’s probably my fav food. my friend hates soup. yeah, he’s crazy. and my fav form of pumpkin? hmm…probably pumpkin butter. but i also really like them in muffins 🙂

  2. My favorite of pumpkin is too many to count. But my home-made pumpkin pies trumps them all.

    I am going to go as a zombie and Stu will be going as an infected person that is bitten by moi. We are heading over to my sister’s house for a party! I’m really excited.

    Have a wonderful Halloween.


  3. livinglearningeating says:

    Your pumpkin cheesecake is pretty! Keep your head up; at least you don’t have to be an ads-saleswoman when you grow up. 🙂 I’m not really doing anything for Halloween, since I’m in Germany this Halloween, but I’m already so psyched for Christmas! 😛

    Oddly, I don’t really like soup. I miss the lack of textures and substances. It makes full (volume) but not full (calories, satisfaction). You know what I mean? But I know a ton of people love it!

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