Is it Friday Yet?

So I had this whole pessimistic, complaining post planned out and even had about all of it composed but I figured nothing is going to be accomplished by complaining so let’s just move on.

It’s almost the weekend and I am so excited! I need a break. This week seems to have been way too long. Everyone is turning in their copy to me tomorrow so I can edit it and that’s just the beginning. On top of that I have my own spreads to do and people will not let me interview them. It’s all very frustrating and that is just one class, but I won’t complain about those either.

What am I doing this weekend? I’m relaxing and baking and maybe shopping. I need more relaxing clothes because all I own are dresses and workout shorts. Plus I’m going on a trip in the middle of November to a yearbook convention and I plan on spending the entire 5 days there in sweat pants and yoga pants. So I probably need to buy some. And I’m going to dip into almond butter this weekend. Thank you almostveggirlie for telling me your favorite almond butter brand. Target is my favorite store ever, so I’m glad that is where you recommend I go. I’ve seriously gone there every weekend since school started. And of course I am seeing my boyfriend again and at some point this weekend we’ll probably talk about my eating disorder and how I’m doing with that. Honestly, this week I’ve been doing all right. I’ve been eating. I get hungry and I eat as long as I have food. I think I need to pack more snacks in with my lunch.

I’m sorry about the lack of photographs in the last few posts. The only photos I have really been taking are for AP Art or Yearbook. I had senior pictures on Wednesday and seriously I could take better pictures. I certainly wouldn’t tell them to stand with their arms crossed. Thank goodness this is only going in the yearbook…

So my week has been super busy and kind of lame to talk about.


Tell me something exciting about your week!


3 thoughts on “Is it Friday Yet?

  1. I would love to spend my weekend baking and shopping!
    Anyways, I just found your blog and I just wanted to say that I like it. And I used to have an eating disorder, so I can relate to you in that way.
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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