My Take on 17

Almost a year ago I wrote a post concerning my 17th birthday and all the hype around that year. I’m still not a big birthday person. To be honest, no one in my family is. My brother’s birthday just passed and while we went on vacation we didn’t go out to eat dinner or get a cake and have a big to-do about his birthday at all. That’s partly because his dad buys him whatever the heck he wants whenever he wants it so his birthday doesn’t really mean anything anymore. On my mom’s birthday we didn’t do much either. Last year for my birthday we went out to eat but that was pretty much all we did all day. I was also sick on my birthday last year which limited activities. It’s really just not that exciting in my house and I am okay with that. I’m excited about my birthday this year just because it’s my 18th and I’ll be a legal adult, even though that really doesn’t change too much about my life.

So, it’s not the day before my birthday but I’m writing this now anyway. Here’s my take on my 17th year:

Nothing special. People always told me it’s exciting because it’s that last year before you’re an adult but really it’s been no different than my 10th year or my 11th or 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th. I grew up very early because I had to so my 17th year probably happened when I was 7 or 8. I’ve gotten used to taking care of myself and getting what I need done to the point that I get really mad when my mom makes me a sandwich for school. A lot of stuff happened this year like getting my license and my boyfriend graduating high school and leaving for college and me starting my senior year, but that’s really it. I didn’t feel any great freedom like I was told I would with it being the last year before being an adult.

So why am I excited to be 18? Maybe because there is a small chance that turning the adult age will get me to be finally treated like an adult. It’s a small chance, though.

I am making myself my own birthday treat. There is nothing wrong with making yourself your birthday cake. I’m just torn between a single serving carrot cake cupcake or a cake batter milkshake (both from Chocolate Covered Katie’s website) but it all depends on whether or not my mom goes grocery shopping and if she brings home carrots or bananas.


How was your 17th year?

What would you make? Carrot cake or cake batter milkshake?


4 thoughts on “My Take on 17

  1. 17 wasn’t really that special for me either, but I did graduate high school when I was 17 so that was a good thing about it! But mostly it was just all the stress with applying for colleges and stuff.

    That’s a tough question, because carrot cake and cake batter are both amazing! On my birthday this year, I made cake batter overnight oats so I’m gonna vote for the cake batter milkshake 😀

  2. hey! i’m sixteen, so unfortunately i can’t tell you what being 17 is like. However I love your blog and I love how you open up so much about your feelings! (in a good way) I think it helps us when we can all write it out somewhere.
    Hope you come say Hi!

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