Saturday Stress

Hello lovelies! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Mine started off pretty rocky. I woke up super early, like going to school early, and could not for the life of me go back to sleep. I was having frantic dreams about selling ads for the yearbook and I was really nervous. Like, stomach doing flips nervous and making me feel all sick and stuff. Gross. But, I was excited and ate breakfast and went to do a workout for the first time since, *sigh* Monday. Darn school has taken over my days and thus removed any and all time for me to work out. I started with a HIIT workout and only got through one circuit because I was singing during the 1 minute break and nearly passed out from lack of oxygen. I decided it was time to move on and drenched in sweat from both the workout and passing out I got down on the mat for a little bit of Pilates. Sounds fun, right? I was so looking forward to having this great intense workout and I guess it was a little too intense. Just a little tip, never sing when you need air. I guess that’s why the gym teachers in middle school always yelled at us when we were talking.

Next came my very first essay of the year. Oh the joys of writing essays. Honestly, sometimes I like writing them. As long as I know what I am writing about and I did not know what I was writing about today. The Green Mile by Stephen King is our first book of the year (great American novel) and I did not get a single thing out of reading it. I think I actually skimmed the whole thing because our brilliant teacher is pulling things out of it that I do not remember actually reading. I stay pretty silent in AP Literature. If he calls on me, someone else answers before I even get a chance to say, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” So I sat in front of my keyboard not knowing what to do at all, called my boyfriend to ask for help, and then bawled as I wrote the first paragraph. It’s a terrible essay but it’s only due for revision on Monday so I can only go up I suppose.

The last terrible thing on my list today was getting around to selling those ads. I knew it would be hard and I would get a lot of “no”s, but it’s really discouraging to keep hearing it over and over again. I did only go to 3 places but I meant to go to more. They just all had “no soliciting” signs on their doors. Darn. I applied for the positions of Proof Editor and Photo Editor and supposedly I’m the only person that applied for either so I’m bound to get one, but how the heck can I handle an editor position if I cried after getting three “no”s? Stress does not treat me well.

But, after about two hours of saying absolutely nothing and cuddling on the couch with my boyfriend (or Man Friend as my friend calls him) I finally cheered up and we had some fun. Have you ever watched Julie & Julia? It’s a great movie but it made me really hungry. And I’m not too thrilled with the idea of boning an entire duck, either.

I think I’m going to spend Sunday morning trying to work out again, perhaps after making french toast for breakfast, and finding new delicious snack recipes for school. Apple slices are nice, but I want variety.


How is your weekend going? Know any good snack recipes?

How do you handle stress?

Anyone boned a duck lately?


5 thoughts on “Saturday Stress

  1. Stress is a bitch, and I’m all to suseptible to her evil tactics. The best thing to do is stop, take a deep breath and do something that makes you happy. Sometimes talking it over with someone who cares about you helps, or just taking a break to get away from it all. French toast for breakfast sounds like an awesome idea 🙂

    I’m not sure exactly what kind of snacks are you looking for. Kath (from Kath Eats Real Food) has a great snack bar recipie on her blog – I always make a bunch over the weekend and then keep them in the fridge or freeze them. Whenever I need something to grab and go I just pop one in my bag and they defrost pretty nicely all on their own.

    Anyhow take care girl, and don’t let life get you down. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Stress is no fun. Im in therapy to learn how to DEAL with it because obviously with my 22 years of living i have no figure out how too! LOL

    Things that help me:
    Do a ‘probability assessment’ on whatever is bothering you. If im stressed about something like a test ill think to myself, “whats the chances of you getting an F?” Usually they are VERY SMALL. Then ill ask myself what the big deal would be if I got one anyway? Would it truly effect my grade THAT MUCH? Or ill ask myself is school that important or am I blowing it out of proportion.

    Another great thing is to distract. talk to a friend, watch a movie, go for a walk, read a book, DO SOMETHING to get your mind of whatever you are ‘stressed’ about.

    Try to never say to yourself, “its TOO MUCH”. That’s one major thing that stresses me out when i look at all the things i have to do and i get so overwhelmed and start stressing that i wont be able to handle it. So just change your thinking to “I WILL be able to handle it”.

    All these things dont always work and sometimes you just have to learn to sit with your stress but dont give up on them and keep trying. Stress is a normal part of life and its okay to be stressed now and then but I would ask yourself if its worth it and the are the things your stressed out about really that stressful or are you blowing them out of proportion?

    A kind of funny technique my therapist suggested to me once is singing out loud the things i get worried or stressed about. It sounds SO DUMB but 70% of the time it really helps to just sing/say out loud the things im stressed or worried over because usually they are really dumb.

    Hope some of that helps!!

    Snack ideas for school? I take LOTS bars, nuts, carrots, snap peas, string cheese, crackers, a tortilla slathered with PB, bananas, crackers sandwiches with cheese or PB, fruit snacks, smoothie drinks…

    Those are just some things that I take 🙂


  3. You poor thing. That essay must be a kicker? Don’t work yourself too hard, you need a little time to relax, even if it’s only a few minutes. No is hard to deal with. I’ve been there. (Eek) You’ll do fine, you are a fantastic editor and GSA officer. 😀

  4. Having to sell yearbook ads would stress me out too. I don’t do well with people rejecting me, so I can see how that would suck. I also hate when there’s an assigned reading and I don’t understand any of it and have to write a paper on it. Not fun 😦 I would say just try to breathe and do things that are relaxing, like exercise or watch a movie.

    Good luck with everything!

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