WIWIDW–what I wish I did Wednesday

I feel like such a terrible person for not being able to post for so long. School has me in this super tight schedule and I can’t even exercise! I do little things when I can, but also the weather here thinks that it’s summer time and we’ve had 80-90 degree weather and we’re all stuffed inside sweaty classrooms with no air conditioning and sometimes classes have upward of 40-50 people. It’s crazy! I’m switching out of Street Law. I’m a rule-breaker more than a follower and we can’t break any rules in that class. One kid got written up today for eating a cookie. I think I almost cried then. Partly because I was tired and partly because it was ridiculous.

I know it’s Wednesday and everyone posts their eats and I seriously fail at this on a weekly basis. So, this is a “What I wish I did Wednesday”.

1. Sleep!!! I need sleep so bad. DSC04170

This was my face first day of school and it’s been my face everyday since

2. Exercise. I need my HIIT and Pilates. At least I can take a walk with my boyfriend this evening like we did yesterday after watching the classic Bonnie and Clyde. If you don’t like blood, don’t watch it.

3. Had cookies. Preferably ones with chocolate. I’ve been craving chocolate like a pregnant lady. Or just a regular lady. Chocolate is amazing.

4. Gone to school with air conditioning.

I hope I get some time to blog more during the weeks soon. If not weekends will have to do.


How is your week going? Any crazy weather?

Any weird cravings today?


3 thoughts on “WIWIDW–what I wish I did Wednesday

  1. I know exactly how you feel with school. But unfortunately, it has to come first. Hopefully things will smooth out for you soon enough. 🙂

    Yes, I did have a weird craving actually! Not really weird, but I absolutely had to buy a bag of honey mustard pretzels. I hardly ever eat stuff like that…but I really, really wanted that honey mustard.

  2. The weather here has been so bizarre! It was the hottest August on record I think and then a few days into September, it just drastically cooled down. Today it rained pretty much all day, which NEVER happens here.

    That street law class sounds ridiculous. Like really, getting in trouble for eating a cookie? That’s just stupid.

  3. Feels like summer weather is just starting here, its been so hot, & typically it should be pouring rain!
    I never realized you were still in highschool, I though you were older than me 😛
    Never heard of street law, but seriously, let him eat his cookie in peace!

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