Ready for a Challenge

Finally, school is coming around. I say finally only because I’ve been looking forward to getting back to school since the end of July. Weird, right? Well, I mainly only wanted to get back so that I could yell at the school principals for messing up my schedule and start sending angry yet polite letters to the school board about how their stupid decisions are ruining my education again. And so it can be over and I can graduate. It’s my senior year and I am so ready to get out and finally be challenged and educated. College is going to be a great experience for me and I cannot wait. School starts Thursday and luckily it’s a freshman focus day so I get a late start.

I have sat through my high school career texting under the table while looking up (because I’m that skilled) and daydreaming and working on my novels and still passed all of my classes with straight A’s. Okay, so maybe I’m just smart, but shouldn’t I be working? I don’t think I’ve had more than 30 minutes of homework a week in the past three years. They underestimate what we are capable of. If you were reading when I was still on then you’ve heard all my complaints about the stupid policy that made AP (Advanced Placement) become AP (All-Permitted) and took year long classes and split them in half with another to make you go for a whole year but only get the equivalent of one semester. I marched angrily into the office at the end of the year when I saw that AP Literature would be split in half like AP English. I want to be challenged. I want to actually learn in high school. Is that so hard to ask?

After getting my schedule for the year I have determined that even though they have completely ruined my perfect senior year schedule I am still going to have a good time. I don’t know what the heck Street Law is, but I need a civics credit so I’ll do it. I have the best teachers the rest of the day and all of second semester. My AP Lit teacher is definitely going to challenge me and teach me, even if I only get to go every other day (lame, lame, lame).  Yearbook will be a great experience and of course I’m going to love AP Studio Art. I just printed all my summer homework yesterday. I’m excited to produce beautiful pieces of art in AP Studio, help create this year’s yearbook, and learn how to analyze literature and write college-level essays. And whatever Street Law is. I apparently have to be part of the student court jury. That’s where they send the kids who skip school too much and the judge decides their fate or whatever. I’ll be a terrible jury member: “If they don’t want to go to school, that’s their decision. They’re messing up their own future, why should that be our problem?”

Not only am I excited for a challenge, which will most likely come in college, but I am ready to have fun. I’m ready to go crazy with my friends and hang with my best friend. I’m ready to dance to horrible music at Homecoming like a crazy person and play mini golf on Senior Skip Day. I’m ready for Deadline parties in Yearbook and the fun times we’ll have in AP Studio Art with all the crazy fun people in there, and the teacher of course (she’s awesome). I’m ready to have tons of fun and deal with all of the stress of selling ads (still need to get on that), meeting deadlines, writing essays and reading books that may or may not give me nightmares several times while trying to make sense of them, taking and editing photographs and making cakes and cookies for everyone at random because I love doing that. charlie'sangels

(My BFF and Me before Homecoming freshman year)

It’s my senior year and while I’ve been waiting 11 years to learn, I can wait one more as long as I have fun.


Excited for your senior year? Or if your senior year was in the past, what was your favorite moment?


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