My Summer is Ending

Hello everyone! I have sad news. My summer is ending. It’s very sad for me to realize that in just a few weeks my alarm will go off at the ghastly hour of 5:30 or 6 if I’m lazy and have breakfast premade the night before and then I’ll go to school. Hopefully, oh gosh, hopefully the school will have done something right for once (don’t count on it) and my schedule will be all okay. I highly doubt it. Hopefully I won’t have to spend my lunches for the first few weeks in the office. Thankfully, the people in the office will do whatever I want as long as it will get me out of the office. My friends, however, not so much. If I’m not there with them, that is not how it will go for them. If I’m there the office ladies will give them whatever the heck they want. I’ve really enjoyed this break from the incompetence that is my school. Once all the schedules are put together, however, my senior year should go fine.

This is the last few weeks of summer and I am scrambling to finish my summer homework. I’m going crazy with my little P&S camera and trying to finish all the projects. But with back to school comes back to school shopping and sales! I am probably the weirdest girl ever because I don’t like shopping. I mean, I love going and trying new things on and leafing through the racks of clearance for something decent, but I hate the spending money part. On Saturday I went to the mall with my boyfriend and we walked around it for probably 2 hours before he finally pushed me to the register at Target with a new dress in hand. Originally $25 I got it for $18 (plus tax). Hooray for sales! Untitled-1

I can’t tell if I like it with the belt or without more. It’s cute both ways. Afterward we met up with our friends at Red Robin and we had a really fun night. Unfortunately being the daughter of my mother I have a curfew and everyone else does not. So I had to go home just as the fun was starting. At least I had fun. I missed them.

Yesterday I spent the day learning the dance for Lady Gaga’s “Judas”. Just the chorus and the breakdown section. I didn’t get through all of it but I am proud of what I’ve gotten so far. Then I went between reading and watching Stephen King’s The Green Mile because I have to read it for AP Lit. I did not sleep easy last night, I can tell you that. There is something very wrong with that man.

Today so far I had an amazing sweat fest of a HIIT workout. DSC04008Not that this photo is pretty, but who doesn’t love a good sweaty picture? I wasn’t dying, though I was having a hard time keeping my legs up in my tuck jumps by the last round. I love doing this. It’s hard work, but I feel great and I know it’s going to pay off. Now I’m trying to write more of my book, finish some photo editing and read new blogs as they’re published all while listening to classic Disney songs. Yep, my Monday is awesome. I think I might want to watch Lilo and Stitch later. I’ve got that soundtrack on my iTunes and it’s making me want to watch it. On a random side note, I went to Hawaii the year that movie came out. I was like 7 years old and all I did was swim in the hotel pool. I got very tan that year.

Okay, this is a long post. With school starting up I need snacks. I asked for ideas when school ended for when I go to college. So here is a more specific question, plus a few to wrap up this post.

Luna, Lara, or Cliff bars? Or something else entirely?

What is your absolute favorite Disney movie? Mine has to be Beauty and the Beast.

The new dress: with the belt or without?

Okay, I guess I’ll go do more of the stuff I’m up to. Also, check out my friend Alysha’s blog. She does amazing doodles. We’ve been friends since 3rd grade and I love her. Click Here


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