Drive Test part 2


It’s hot today. It’s not terrible but it’s not cool either. It’s just hot and yucky. Thank goodness for air conditioning in the car. I drove to the DMV at around 1:15 and parked in the Drive Test section only to be told it had to be backed in. I had my mom do it. The lady testing me was very nice and cheery and in a very good mood which helped me a lot. There was another person testing at the same time with another lady who sounded angry and mean. I’m glad I got the one I did; it calmed me down a lot. We started with parallel parking which is oddly set up because you park between some orange cones with no actual cars for reference. I can parallel park just fine when there are real cars there but the cones threw me off. So I guess you could say that I failed that part. Then there was some driving and turning and parking on a curb and pretending to park on a hill. Backing around a corner was the last thing I did before driving back and I turned too soon and ended up in the grass. When am I going to do that anyway? I ended up with an 88 which is 6 better than I got 2 years ago in driver’s ed which was a retake and I’d gotten like 76 the first time. I got my picture taken, which isn’t as cute at the one on my permit but it will have to do and I have the paper license sitting in my wallet now. Yay! I passed! I got this part of my life over with! I never have to take a drive test again and if I do I won’t be worried. I’m so glad, but very unemotional today. I was hardly nervous and now I’m just sitting on my couch being hot while my cat snores on the floor. DSC03972

Speaking of my cat, how awesome is this picture? She’s in mid-yawn and I love it. She’s noisy and darling and just about the cutest thing on the earth.

So I’m all done with this part of my life. In about 2 months I turn 18 and a few months later I graduate from high school. So many things are changing and so fast. I’m really happy I got my license. I celebrated by eating a spoonful of Nuspli and I think I might do a second round of Pilates later. If it cools down anyway. This week certainly went by fast! Tomorrow is Friday. School starts in I think 3-4 weeks. I have to make them count. Plus I have to finish my summer homework. I have to read two books which I can probably do in a day if I just sit down and do it. I also have to finish all of my photography projects. I figured out my concentration at dinner last nice and proceeded to take pictures of my boyfriend’s strawberry lemonade. I got kind of teased for it, but you have to do what you have to do for the shot, right? Anyway, I passed my test and I am so glad it’s done with. Now I can drive myself places!


Anything exciting happen to you lately?


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