Little Celebration and Happy August

My Sunday was a lot of fun. I spent the morning lounging on the couch watching my favorite J-Drama and then did a HIIT workout where I really worked up a sweat. I was gasping and gulping down water but I felt so good. I was drenched in sweat and took a cold shower where I kept making it colder because I was so hot. My dad came over after picking up my little brother from a sleep over and showed me this video that came out the year I was born. He got it for a dollar but it’s going for like $45 on amazon. I didn’t care how muchdisney it was going for, I just wanted to watch it. It was so cool to see Disneyland 18 years ago. Downtown Disney didn’t exist and the old Disneyland hotel was still there. So much has changed and at the same time so little. It was cool. Being the Disney freak that I am, I watched it twice.

My boyfriend got off work early so he came and watched the video with me (that was the second viewing). Yesterday was our half-anniversary so we’ve been together for a total of 2 and 1/2 years now. I was having way too much fun with my camera  DSC03980

beforehand because I took like 5 pictures of me. I also did my makeup, so that’s probably why. I haven’t done myself up since my boyfriend’s graduation I think, so I guess I was allowed to go a little crazy. I wore an old jean skirt and a rainbow stripe tank top (as you can see) and felt very under dressed when my boyfriend came downstairs after changing out of his work uniform. DSC03981He used to wear suits to school when he was a junior but he went back to t-shirts and jeans his senior year so wearing a jacket was really nice. He came down and said, “I wanted to dress up for you.” Aw. Anyway, I feel like I’m boring you with my story. We went to the Rainforest Café for dinner and split some parmesan chicken and of course a volcano for dessert. Yum! So that was our little celebration. We watched some of the Titanic back at his house which always makes me cry. But we wandered the mall a bit first. It was weird being in the mall on a Sunday night because it closes like 2 hours earlier than it does on any other day and we were so full we just wanted to walk around for a while but didn’t have the time. We walked into the Apple store and I have to say those Macbook Air things look scary thin. I would be so scared that I would break one if I got one.

Okay, can you believe it’s August? What happened to July? It went by so fast. And in exactly one month unfortunately I will be starting school again. I am really excited to start my senior year but I am also really enjoying being lazy.  I have to finish all my summer homework now which means reading The Green Mile and Native Son and taking 1800 more pictures so I can finished 9 more pieces. So my goals for August are to finish my summer homework and pass my drive test. A big thank you to those of you that commented on my last post. I am so nervous for my drive test this Thursday. I feel like I’m going to pass it which also makes me think I won’t. Here’s hoping.



What is your favorite dessert?

What’s your favorite themed restaurant?


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