Photoshop = Fake People

I’m always a little surprised when I sit in my Photography class and watch computer screens all around the room transform pictures into something incredible. It’s amazing how a simple Curves layer can create amazing tonal range and correct the color in a photo. Not to mention all of the crazy effects that people can do.

My teacher today gave us several people to look up for inspiration and one just to see how much post processing goes into the photos that we see on magazines, album covers, and in movies. “If you’re wondering why,” she said, “your pictures don’t look like what you see in Vogue, this is why.”

The photos in this lady’s Portfolio section are crazy! Some of them tell you below the picture that you can mouse over the photo to see the original. Some of them are very disturbing just how much work goes into editing these people. There is a picture of a lady in front of a radio and I swear she completely replaces her entire body except her head and one arm. There is a headshot of a pretty girl and the original photo is of an old woman.

One this is, even without Photoshop, photo editing is still possible. People were doing some pretty impressive stuff in the dark room with film. My teacher has a Power Point for her first level students called Introduction to Photography which contains a slide of 2 pictures from the Civil War. One is the original, one is the edited photo that was put out which removes a column and adds another man. But, with the technology advancements, it is certainly easier to edit people to the extreme. None of the photos put out now, unless they’re from your aunt who just learned how to use a camera, are real. It has made it so much easier to create the ideal woman. I don’t remember when and I cannot find the article, but a few years back there was this picture of a woman that was just absolutely perfect and people were calling up to ask who this person was. She wasn’t real, though. She was a mash up of several models.

Who create these “perfect women” I do not know, but I do know that they are not real. Amy Dresser does not create the “perfect women” she just edits the photos and they fit the ideal of today. It is important to remember while recovering that the photos out there are not of real people. You may be familiar with the celebrities, but even their photos have gone through extensive editing. This website is just proof of that.

If only we could show people as they really are, flaws and all. My boyfriend was saying that in the 40s and 50s it was harder to do so many things to photos and so the actors and actresses were shown more purely, which may or may not be true, but at least back then women were allowed to have a healthy shape, like Marilyn Monroe. Just keep in mind that you are beautiful the way you are and the perfect woman today can never exist in reality.


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