>Why "Please"?

>Today, school was very interesting. There is this insane new biology teacher who decided recently to have a problem with my boyfriend and me standing in the hallway during lunch, and everyone else who goes in there during lunch. Just a note, everyone who goes in there are nice quiet people and we go in there because in the commons, it is insane, loud, and usually gives me a headache. Long story short, after today being the second day of her being extremely disrespectful and snapping at us to get out with no real reason to support it (“students aren’t allowed in here during lunch!” “may I ask why?” “because students aren’t allowed in here during lunch!”), we had the best “fight” to end it. She came up and shouted, “this is the second day in a row that you two are in here. Get out! Out! Out!” My boyfriend said, “Well, give us a reason why.” “Because there is a class over there and I have kids testing in there and you are distracting them!” I said, “By standing?” “Do you want to argue?” she snapped. “No, I just was a reason.” “Please get out.” “Well,” I said, “At least you said ‘please’.” On our way out, my boyfriend said, “nice to see you have some manners.” She had the best look on her face after that. I wish I could have taken a picture. I know this sounds absolutely terrible, but read A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, and you’ll get some idea of why that was totally acceptable. Plus, I am just so sick of having to follow rules that don’t have any real reason behind them; sick of following rules that people make so they can feel powerful. And just a little note, she was being very rude. Just because we’re students doesn’t mean you can treat us like dirt. We deserve a little respect. This is besides the point.

What I am getting at (with my ridiculously long story) is why is it that “please” and “thank you” make everything polite? Who decided that something isn’t polite until you add these words to what you’re saying? Please is just an arrangement of letters. Where did the idea of politeness even originate? I was just thinking about that once I was done shaking from being so angry with this teacher (we’ve been standing in that hallway during lunch since the beginning of the year and not a single teacher has had a problem with it until this person decided it was an issue. Teachers litterally walk right by us and don’t say a word). We’ve been taught since childhood that saying “please” and “thank you” were the right things to do, but never why. Was this just another person needing to feel powerful? I don’t know. What do you think?

Also, a healthy disrespect for authority is amazing.


One thought on “>Why "Please"?

  1. >I think saying please or thank you makes people think they can get away with saying something rude, just because they added a polite word onto it. It's totally not right though and it just makes them look more rude.Thanks for the advice you gave me for my roommate. I will definitely try that, hopefully without telling her about my ED because she doesn't deserve to know that.

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