>I Need a Vacation (specifically to Disneyland)


Don’t I have mad photo skills? I really hope so since I’m taking advanced photography and AP Studio Art next year. Nah, this picture isn’t great, but if I remember right, I was walking while I took this. It give a new meaning to the term “point and shoot camera”. ^.^
So, I need a vacation, which is funny because I’m on a mini vacation right now. It’s a 4 day weekend! Yay! After 3 full weeks of a new semester, I needed this. No, I seriously did. But, I have been having this HUGE craving to go to Disneyland. You know how some people get food cravings? I get place cravings, and movie cravings, and food cravings, and music cravings. Sometimes I crave life! Okay, that was a little corny. I’m on pain meds right now, so I might be a little loopy. Weeee! But, I keep having dreams that I am in Disneyland. Last night I had one, and the night before that, and I can’t remember the one before that, but I’m pretty sure I did then, too. My family was supposed to go this weekend, but the flights were all full, so no trip. We go at least once every year, and we only went in March last year, or maybe it was May. I get the M months mixed up a lot. Disneyland and California Adventure are a complete mess right now, though. California adventure is undergoing a something billion dollar remodel, so the turnstyles are being torn down, the CALIFORNIA letters are long gone, and Sunshine Plaza is sunshiney no more. Well, from the real sun, I guess so, but it’s mainly a big pile of dirt with walls in front of it. California Adventure is a maze right now. Cars Land is going up, which I haven’t decided if I like or not yet. To me, the giant fake car-shaped rocks look like an eyesore, but if it gives us more shade that didn’t exist before, I’m fine with that.
Even though Disneyland is a maze, I still want to go. Critter Country is shut down right now, too! No Splash Mountain or Winnie the Pooh!!! How do I know all of this? Miceage.com I go on it like every day to read the stuff they put up. I’m pathetic, I know, but it’s Disneyland! How can you not love Disneyland?
My boyfriend and I are going there after I graduate next year. Can it be next year now? I need to focus on smaller things so I can make it to June 2012. My family are Disneyland nuts and so, naturally, that means I am. I think I’m the biggest one out of the 3 of us, considering my brother says he hates it half the time. This post doesn’t have much of a point, I just really really really want to go to Disneyland. I don’t know if we’re even going this year, which would make me sad if we didn’t, but I can’t control the flights. Flying scares me anyway. I’m kind of the “if people were meant to fly, they’d have been born with wings” kind of person, but it is convenient. At least this summer I get to go to Birch Bay with my boyfriend’s family. That’ll be exciting! It’s no Disneyland, but if it’s got a pool, a beach, and my boyfriend, I’m cool with it.

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