>The Future, Colleges, and Universities, Oh My!

>Before I even begin to check my email, here is what my inbox and junk mail says at this very moment: inbox 3, Junk Mail 14. All 14 in the Junk Mail box are from universities. For some reason, starting about a week ago, I have been bombarded with college emails. It used to be that I would get about an average of 3 in my inbox and maybe 2 in my junk from I don’t even know who, trying to sell me something that I never cared to even look at so how they got my email is beyond me. I came home today and there were two letters from colleges on my bed waiting for me. It’s a little ridiculous in my book.

I remember my boyfriend telling me about colleges trying to recruit him. That started for him in his Sophomore year of High School, and I would always tell him how relieved I was that colleges did not even know I existed. But, now it seems they do. Probably because I took the PSAT in October and the ACT in December. Darn those required tests. And the emails always start out with something really stupid like, “We’ve been watching you.” Okay, that’s a little creepy. “We’re very impressed.” With what? “We know you’ve been interested in us.” I’ve never even heard of you! “You’ve been selected.” Yes, along with all of the other people who took the same PSAT or ACT that I did. “You’re one of our top prospects.” Um, sure I am. I can think of plenty of people who are a lot smarter than I am in my class. I’m only 6 out of about 108. Big whoopin’ deal.

Honestly, it was nice at first to highlight all and click “delete” and then it was fun to just request all the free stuff they want to send me and never even consider applying, but now this is just ridiculous. Plus, what am I going to do with all of the free junk anyway? Some want to send me books about picking out the right college for me. Some want to send me posters or water bottle stickers. At first I said, “you look interesting, why not.” Now, I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t. I’ve already picked out my college, okay. It’s the same one my boyfriend is going to, and I know there are people out there that will say something like I need to go where I will be most successful and blah blah blah. We have a stupid graduation requirement in my district called the “13th Year Plan” which is basically filled with our best works over the years, a copy of our college applications, resume, a cover letter, and a bunch of other pointless crap. It’s also wrong, because if you went to kindergarten, your senior year IS your 13th year, which is why when I turn mine in next year it will read : 14th Year Plan. I asked my advisor what to do if the college I’m applying for does not require a college essay, which is required in the 13th year plan. She freaked out and said, “You’re applying for a college that doesn’t require an essay?!” Ooops. I forgot that my teachers think I’m applying to Harvard. I’m not. It’s way too expensive and I have something better: love, and I am not going to give it up.

Back on topic, I think I am going to go delete all of those college emails now and merrily go about my evening task of checking my email, my blog, my YouTube, and whatever else I still have to look up that I didn’t do this morning before school.


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