>"I Will Achieve Perfection"

>I watched a thinspiration a little while ago. I’ve been feeling pretty low lately. I’ve eaten more than just tic-tacs today, but not much. I spent the majority of yesterday morning, last night, and this morning in tears. I’m not doing too great today, obviously. So, I watched this thing and I wasn’t marveling over how thin the girls in it were, I was disgusted by how thin they were. I do miss feeling my hip bones jut out and seeing my ribs when I slouch, but I don’t like seeing how skinny those girls are. There was a slide with the words, “I will achieve perfection” on it. I started to think, “What is perfection?” There are so many definitions of the word, and they all vary depending on the person. To me, perfection used to mean what those girls watching and believing those thinspirations believe perfection is, but now it has changed so much. Perfection would be being yourself to the best you can be and being the perfect you by just being you, if that makes any sense. So in this, one of my dark hours (days is more like it), this is my little light. Perfection is whatever you make it to be, so make it something you can actually achieve without killing yourself.


2 thoughts on “>"I Will Achieve Perfection"

  1. >Perfection is not death. And being too skinny will result in death. The goal of recovery is life. Health equals life. :-)Keep your head up girl! I'll be praying for ya.PS- Try to stay away from those thinspiration videos. No good can come from them…they are made by very sick people.

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