>I Survived Christmas

>That’s pretty exciting news considering my boyfriend’s dad gave us a huge plate of his delicious homemade treaties. There was fudge and toffee and cookies, two kinds: sugar cookies with awesome frosting and I think some almond extract in it, and mint cookies dipped in chocolate ganache.

Christmas Eve was amazing and I wish I could do it over and over and over and over again. My boyfriend came over and we exchanged our gifts, and he got me way too many things. Then we went to his house, my mom and brother included, and had Christmas Eve dinner with his family. It was so much fun! And there was pie and Orange Stuff for dessert and cookies of course. His parents gave me a s’mores thingy that looks delish, but I need to calm down with the sweeties for now. I’ve had too many recently.

Here is some surprising news. After Christmas Eve dinner, where I ate green beans, and baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits, some roast beef, a bun with butter, cob salad, eggnog, pumpkin pie, fudge, cookies, rice crispie treats, Orange Stuff, milk, and water, I felt fine. I mean, yes, I was pretty stuffed, but I didn’t feel like I had no self control whatsoever or that I was going to gain a zillion pounds and blow up like a balloon. I felt fine. Food wasn’t a problem. That was pretty exciting. I spent days beforehand freaking out if I ate a cookie and then on Christmas Eve, I didn’t care. I wanted some pie, so I ate some, and guess what? I did not gain a single pound. I know I’m not supposed to weigh myself, but I waited a few days afterward, stepped on the scale, and saw the same weight I’d seen the last time I stepped on the scale. That was pretty exciting. Sure, now I feel terrible if I eat a cookie, because we still have tons left and I am in the midst of a lovely little woman thing that tends to keep me lying in bed because the pain meds I take for it don’t actually work, so I don’t get to exercise. My father brought over two boxes of Oreo cookies, I have some Milanos from Hanukkah left over, a Santa cookie from my boyfriend’s parents and the s’mores thingy, and a tin of cookies I got for Christmas that if I don’t eat soon, my mom will (she already has taken a few out). I’m getting sick of cookies.

So, I survived Christmas. Christmas Day was filled with about 8 hours of A Christmas Story, gift cards, mugs, a new coat, the new Epic Mickey game for the Wii, and a watch that I’m never going to wear. Anyone want to buy a really expensive watch off me for pretty cheap? I think this year was the Christmas of the Cookies, or maybe the Mugs (I got 5, two of them are shapped like snowmen). I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!


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