>I Don’t Miss Middle School

>I can’t say I liked elementary school; I had a few problems with the crappy school lunches and the recess ladies that thought pretending to be an angry cat while playing with friends was a threat toward them. I can’t say I like high school either. My school doesn’t know what the heck it’s doing and it can’t seem to realize that all they need to do is actually work to get stuff done. But, I also can’t say I liked middle school either. Even though elementary school was lame and high school occassionally makes me want to jump off of something very high, I think middle school was the absolute worst time of my life. I went to a nice school. The teachers were friendly and upbeat and supportive; we had the most spirit out of the district and almost never lost a game, no matter the sport. But the people in middle school are just downright stupid and mean! They are evil little children, and I can’t say that I was any better. There was this one girl that decided to latch onto me even though she was a grade higher than me, and just one of the most annoying people I will ever meet. We went to the same high school until she left for Running Start at Highline Community College, but I think if she didn’t, she’d still latch onto me. She told me that she didn’t like my boyfriend when we first started dating because she thought he was too clingy and that would be the reason we break up. Um, no. I like clingy. But anyway, I would get so fed up with her in middle school, that I would say some pretty nasty things to her to try and get her to go away, not that any of them ever worked.

I was called fat, a bitch, a whore, and a slut in middle school, although only the first two were actually true. I had no boyfriend in middle school and I liked to keep my distance from people. I weighed probably a little more than I do now, maybe 104 or so, and as for being a bitch, I can’t say I was the friendliest of people, even though everyone would tell me that I was the nicest and sweetest person they knew. Maybe those two things were all in my head, but they were said and so it must have been true. Seventh grade was the worst year of my life, and even though I cried on my last day of 8th grade, I was glad to leave. I was ready to meet new people; I was sick of seeing the same faces every day. So I went to high school, stayed with some of my same friends, but made new ones, and met my current and first boyfriend. I can’t say I miss middle school. High school is lame, but middle school was just terrible. If there is a hell, I bet middle school is worse than it.

I say this because now my little brother is about to go into middle school and here comes the fun part. Kids are mean at that age. I have heard of studies, though I can’t point you to any of them, that prove that there is a part of a child’s brian between the ages of 11 and 14 that does not function at all. I think it was like the reasoning part of the brain, but I can’t remember exactly. That would explain so much. I’m not the only one who had a terrible experience in school, my boyfriend suffered through his 8th grade year. So, although I fight with my little brother more than normal siblings do, I feel bad that he is going to have to endure 3 years of pure hell, although, I think I’m more glad that I get to leave for college pretty soon after he starts so I don’t have to endure his middle schooler stupidity. I can barely stand him now.

I’ve been thinking on this for a while now, and I only write this poorly constructed post because I am very tired and maybe a little sick from being kept up all night by my brother and his two twin friends. They’re the best behaved kids when I babysit them, but for some reason, throw my brother into the mix and I get to hear laughing and banging and things falling until 11 pm and then again at 5 am. Maybe it was longer, I stopped checking my cell phone clock after a while. They tortured my cat and I swear, if I didn’t get up to soothe her, she would have killed them. So, I guess, I don’t miss middle school, and I am really, really, really excited to go to college so I don’t have to deal with my brother and his middle school-aged friends.

What was your favorite school-thingy? Elementary, middle/jr high, high school, college?


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