>Independent Study

That’s pretty awesome isn’t it? You probably have no idea what that says, but I do! I finally got my schedule “fixed” after getting 3rd period and 4th period solved and then being told that I had to find something to do every other day for second period because my AP class is split and I only wanted AP English, not both classes. By Thursday morning everything was fixed and the semester could finally start off on a good note. I have been diligently studying my Japanese during third period in my advisor’s classroom which is also a computer lab because she teaches digital photography and graphic design classes. Third period is her planning period so it is just the two of us in the classroom and sometimes she’ll plug in her ipod to some speakers and lately she’s been giving me candy. I do eat the candy. I have gotten to the point where I can eat candy. I missed it. I used to start the first day of every year and see how long I could go before eating candy. I went until Halloween one year believe it or not.

But anyway, as the title says Independent Study, that is just what this is about, my independent study period, which I have appropriately named my “fun and more productive than any other class period.” There are 8 lessons in the Japanese 2nd year class and since it is online, I can do it whenever I want. I’ll be done with this class before the semester is out and I can move to another year. Well, it’s really Japanese 2nd year part 1 that I am taking now, I still have to take part 2 at some point. I have been spending the entire 90 minutes of class staring at the computer screen and whispering words and sentences and conjugation rules wondering if my advisory teacher can hear me and is making fun of me. Sometimes I see her just smiling and I wonder if it is because of an email or because I was just muttering under my breath that I needed to change to ku to ki. I feel like I have learned so much in the past 3 days than I did when I took the year 1 class as a freshman. I love independent study. If I could take the rest of my high school career online, I would, believe me.

I spend 3 hours in my advisor’s room, sometimes just 2. I TA second period on Mondays, Wednesdays, and half a class on Fridays, go to lunch, then go back and take my Japanese class. It is so much fun, I love it! My classes are all fixed up and I am so happy. There is an online school I could use to finish high school. I will finish out this year and my senior year I will take on my couch in my pajamas eating waffles covered in Nuspli. Sounds like a plan to me.

(By the way, the hiragana at the beginning of this post just says: eat red apples. Seriously, it’s good for your health!)


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