>Yesterday I was dragged on a trip to Mt. Rainier in Washington state. Okay, I wasn’t really dragged on a trip, I went of my own accord, but saying “dragged” makes it sound more dramatic. It was cloudy and cold and I wished I had brought a heavier coat than my light Glacier National Park jacket, and that I had not worn jeans even though they kept my legs warm. I got light headed and going up a slight slope made me feel winded and old. That’s how you know you live on the coast; when you can’t climb a mountain because the elevation gives you a headache and makes it hard to breathe.

I went with my boyfriend and his family. Even though it was cloudy and cold, it was still beautiful. The grey and white thick clouds covering the sky and most of the ground, made the green and various pinks and purples and yellows of the wildflowers stand out even more.
It really was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed it. Even though by the end of it I was so tired I actually fell asleep in the back of their van on the way home, I would go back again. I think I have to. I have always loved climbing mountains. When I was a little girl in Montana, my omi and I would take a hike two times a day with her dog. But climbing Mt. Rainier, even though it was only a short 1 mile hike, something about it calmed me and reminded me of my naive childhood days, the ones I miss the most. It was beautiful, marvelous, and well, refreshing.
Like the water going down this waterfall, I hope I can move on and recreate myself like this mountain does everyday. Constantly changing and moving forward, no looking back. Inspirational is a word I should add to the description of this trip. Here’s to a better tomorrow.

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