>When You Wish Upon A Star…


I bet you know the rest to that. “When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.” I was taught that as a little girl. My parents did not emphasize it. They did not point to a star and say, “make a wish!” I learned all the wishing on stars thing from watching Disney movies. As a little girl, I believed it and I would wish on those stars every chance I got. I almost always wished for the same thing. Maybe once or twice I wished for something better to eat for dinner the next day than my father’s cooking (he could not love, nor could he cook) or maybe for my favorite Barbie doll to be found as soon as possible, but the wish I remember most making was to fall in love with the right person the first time. “Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight: I wish to find my prince and fall in love and live happily every after the very first time.”
Let me clear something up: I was not the kind of girl who grew up dreaming to be a princess. That was not what I wished for. When I wished on a star, I wished for love; when I day-dreamed, I wished for a family like all the other kids I saw with parents who cared for them and loved them all the time, not just when it was convenient for them. So I did not dream of my wedding day. All I wanted was to live happily ever after, and it seemed to me on those Disney movies that the girls who got the princes lived happily every after. I do not think I saw a movie where there was not a prince and they lived happily ever after. If I think about it, I bet I can find one, but that is not my point.
Back to my point, about two years ago in October, I went to Disneyland with my family, the most magical place on Earth. I made the same wish three time, once on a star seen from Disneyland, once on Sleeping Beauty Castle, and once on Snow White’s wishing well. “I wish to find my true love this school year.” Thing is, I did not exactly expect that to happen. In December of that very same year, the boy I was crushing on sent me a message via the Internet and we started talking. All holiday break we talked, spending the majority of our time on the computer, waiting for each other to reply. By the first of the new year, we had our first date, going to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, sitting in a movie theater, terrified of each other, and saying “um” a lot when we were not having awkward silences. He asked me to the Winter Formal and I said yes. By the end of that night we had kissed for the first time (both of our very first kisses as well), said we loved each other, and basically become official boyfriend and girlfriend.
We have been together ever since. Today marks our 1 year and 1/2 anniversary and we have never fought once. Never fought, never tired of each other, spent every day together that we could, and we have a long time ahead of us to be together. We are perfect for each other, and I love him so very much. It is sad for me to see how quickly marriages fail and mainly because people just expect it to be perfect. I do not expect my marriage to be perfect, I know it is not going to be a bed of roses, and I am willing to make it work. My grandparents have been together for nearly 55 years because they not only love each other and work perfectly together, but they tried to make their marriage work and after 55 years, they are still happily married.
So, I made my wish upon a star. I found my true love and I am going to spend the rest of my life with him. This is not stated out of some lovesick girl’s heart, but rather out of long hours of making sure that this is what I want and that I am going to try my best. When you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true. They do. I do not attribute my relationship to the star alone, but to both my boyfriend and myself for having the courage to send and reply to that first message that led to about 5 others we kept going at the same time, but the star did help us along a bit. Do not give up on your dreams for any reason, I have not and even though I am recovering from Anorexia Nervosa, that does not mean I gave up on them, but rather I got side-tracked (This sounds like a long ramble with no point, but oh well). Be a little kid and believe. Hey, it worked for me!


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